Tuesday, August 9, 2011

I'm baaaaaaack!

Ok, so I have had several people (including my sweet husband) tell me that the blog helped them a lot. This is not a bragging right, in fact, I find the blog to be terribly time consuming. This recent epiphany could be because I am getting lazy in my old age; however, I suppose it did help me knowing I could not post unhealthy information on this blog. After a couple of weeks of on and off Paleo Reed and I are back. I just started strict again yesterday and I already woke up this morning bright eyed and bushy tailed (or something like that).
Great read this morning- this is what I have looked like the past two weeks!

Yesterday went as follows:
protein shake
celery with almond butter
Oliver Garden was catered in. I chose the salad without croutons and 2 boiled eggs
*Side note- forgot my sports bra so could not do my short cardio during my break. That threw me off. I drove home on my break and completed my trip with a tea from Sonic*
Post Crossfit:
Athlete's Honey Milk
Fajita meat and onions/green peppers
I did not eat very much, I suppose the Honey Milk filled me up.

Today I will eat pretty much the same thing. I added cashews to my snack with the apple and will probably turn leftovers into a fajita salad. Just so you know- 2 handfuls of cashews is the therapeutic equivalent of a prescription does of Prozac. Yep, keep the depression goonies away from me! Thank you "Food Matters." If you have not watched it, make time and watch it!!!

Stay tuned because I am trying a new recipe Thursday with my new Crockpot! My mom got me a Crockpot for my birthday (in 2 months). She's a doll- she can never wait to give us our gifts. I often wonder why I am an impatient person and then I remember I get my birthday presents months in advance... now, who is giving me the spice rack?!