Sunday, July 24, 2011

Wrapping it all Up!

So, I am way behind and no, I do not remember everything I have had all week so I won't bore you with the details. Wednesday evening was officially day 30 and I didn't cheat all day until dessert at Chili's with Reed. The following day I didn't cheat either- but Friday, oh Friday!! I was Templeton the rat from Charlotte's Web and I have paid for it ever since. I ate candy, chips, hot sauce, queso, chipotle chicken crispers, fries, a margarita, a hamburger, more fries, and a Sonic Blast. Yep- I have been sick for days! I have not cheated since and don't really plan on it. Maybe sweets here and there or a drink with friends but Paleo is too easy to follow without feeling like poo!

Here are my before and after pictures and as you can tell the before's are old. This is pre Paleo and pre Crossfit. The point is everyone told me I looked great in the before and look at the difference. I cannot believe the difference from behind. I also thought I looked great as you can still see an outline of abs. I thought I was just fine... wow was I ever wrong. Here is what 7 months of Crossfit and 30 full days of strict Paleo did for me.



Thank you for following me- it means so much! Good luck on your journey! Love yourself today...

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