Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Day 8

Ok, well I cried today. I just did not want another vegetable to ever touch my lips again. I am so sick of vegetables!! I told Reed this is stupid and I want out. I also had a super hard crossfit workout outside in the heat so that may have been a little bit of the issue. I am kind of a baby sometimes, yes, me. My sister came over tonight and I ended up finishing up the day mostly Paleo (by American standards anyhow!)

Protein Shake no fruit
I packed leftover frittata but there is just something about re-heating eggs that was a turn off. I went to Sprouts and got peppered chicken breast, steamed vegetables, and strawberries.
Green grapes and a protein shake
Sausage, green beans, and pinto beans (not so Paleo)

My workout rocked but my attitude did not. I cannot explain to you how much processed foods have a hold on our minds and bodies. Once you start eating correctly you begin to notice the subtle changes- more energy, less crabby (even though I had a break down), regularity. You start to feel human and you can see the changes. I hope you are looking into a healthy option for you and your family because I see families around me crying out for help but don't know where to turn. Research! This saves lives!

Creator of The Primal Blueprint (very similar to Paleo)- Mark Sisson
Check out his website- and type in why are grains so bad? (Go to his first post) This is eye opening! I cannot stress this enough.


Change something today!

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