Thursday, June 30, 2011

Day 11

Oh crap, I am late! I decided to ice my shoulders, do a load of laundry and shave all on one morning. Great thinking. Crap, I need something for breakfast and lunch. Run around, run around. Blend up a protein shake, jump in the car. Crap, I am late for real. Its only 10 minutes but I sure do hate being late. Awesome, missed a phone call from the boss- she never calls in the morning. Calling her right back. Drink a sip of the shake:
Betsy: Hey girl, I am running around like crazy this morning!
Me: If you only knew. (Another drink of the shake, gosh its freezing cold holding it between my legs).
Betsy: Well, when you get to work I have a closing to go to right away so Ill meet you in the parking lot with Amy's cupcakes. If you could set those up for me that would be great!
Me: Yep, you're the boss. (Crap, forgot about Amy's bridal shower at work today).
Betsy: See ya in a bit.

Get to work and have to set up cupcake display. Put them on the plate really fast and DO NOT lick your fingers. Go, Go, GO! OMG- its a yellow cupcake with chocolate frosting. This is my kryptonite. You can do this- you are better and stronger than some flour and some sugar. I put it down and literally ran out of the conference room.

How did your day start? Has it ever started like that? Show up late to a function and just grab whatever they are eating. Did you ever think, I dont have time, Ill get a Chick-Fil-A biscuit on the way in. Or how about I wont even eat breakfast! I know I have chosen all three of these at least 20 times.
I am NOT, by any means, a dietician; however, I have a few thoughts on this. Is eating healthy more time consuming? I bet I could make my protein shake before a person even got done paying for their food in the drive-thru. Is it expensive? Ok, some items are more expensive but last I checked apples and oranges were cheaper than cereal and milk. Don't get me wrong some items ARE more expensive and you CANNOT beat a $5 already ready pizza but eating healthy doesnt always mean spending more $$$. Is eating healthy less convenient? Yes, there are days when I come home after work and a hard workout and do not even want to consider pulling a salad out of the fridge. I don't even want to prepare the dressing- from the bottle. You do have to make food but I think the benefit from a hand prepared meal far out ways the option I would rather pick up on my way home. (Even though every once in a while I will make a trip through the drive thru too) :)

Ok, so I am on a soap box and in no way deserve to be on one. Please, I have been hard on myself for 11 days. No pats on the back here but I want you to know that no matter what I put in my mouth from now on, I know in my heart of hearts that something natural is better than anything I can grab in a drive thru. Whether or not you eat healthy is your choice, but I do want you to know that its ok to eat the cupcakes as long as you know that a bowl full of colorful veggies is better for you. Ok, enough, I love you and I will learn along with you.

Reed said the popsicles were great so give em a whirl! I also just made some protein balls (snacks) and I will taste them before I post the recipe, just in case. I am still trying to figure all these foods I have never tasted. Oh and check this out! A store that has NO PACKAGING and of course its in Austin, they have everything!,tx

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  1. shannon, i have been reading your posts daily. this one absolutely had me laughing out loud. so excited to read along in you and reed's journey thru paleo and exercise. ~hannah