Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Paleo We Go

Hey guys!
Ok, here is the deal. As many of you know, Reed and I have been researching and trying to stick to a pure Paleo diet. This consists of no man made food ie- grains, dairy, anything man has touched. It makes me feel incredible when I eat the food our bodies were made to eat. My biggest downfall is convenience. I want what I want when I want it. I don’t want to try to come up with some concoction that resembles a tortilla. I also struggle, like many women, with getting enough protein and keeping my sugar low. I would much rather peel and eat an orange than grill up a chicken breast and nosh on that. Can I get an Amen? Ok, I was going to start a blog, but c’mon, who wants to follow someone on a diet?! Raise your hand. So instead I have chosen a few friends close to me that I think will be interested in this journey. You are my guinea pigs you lucky little ducks you!

This is what I am promising:
1)      I am going to get my hands on as much Paleo material as I can and do the research. I want to relay messages to those people who are struggling with illnesses, weight loss, and lack of energy that you are not alone and it IS the food that is killing you! I ate terribly over the weekend because Reed was sick (its so hard to find the motivation to cook a good meal for yourself) and everything from my digestion to my joints were in pain last night!
2)      I will give honest and open feedback on how I feel throughout the process. I hated the Atkins diet although I lost a ton of belly fat. I had a headache everyday and I slept more than I ever had in my life. I promise to give you the good, the bad, and the ugly- even if this experiment is an epic fail!
3)      I will provide the recipes that I will eat throughout the day although many of them will be SUPER basic so don’t expect much.(heads up- I don’t even have a spice rack! I will be shopping this week a little)
4)      I will provide pictures of my meals and myself. It will only be 30 days but I have never stuck to anything for longer than a week- besides Reed and my promise not to bear children for a whileJ
5)      I promise I will not cheat. I will not sneak a pretzel or a cookie J I want to stick to this wholeheartedly so that you can see the changes and see that someone who cannot cook can make great, healthy meals on a TIGHT budget! I want to show this can be convenient and easy! I am lazy….

Basically I am asking for, or rather shoving you guys into holding me accountable. I was thinking of having a girl’s night at our house every so often to share a dinner with my friends and family. Everyone needs a night away and since we don’t have children or hectic schedules I thought this would be great. I promise I will make something that is edible and resembles “real food.” Let me know if you would like to be taken off of this list. I promise to make them short! Day 1!

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